Confidentiality is our line of conduct. Whether the answer is positive or negative, we keep looking for a solution as soon as we have the relevant information. Clients are more than welcome to send us any feedback on their experience with us, whether positive or negative.

Our target is to bring all the information our customers need, understood, analyzed and properly answered by our professional and qualified consultants.

Prices do not depend on what you earn, or you will earn, but on the time, it takes to find the best solution for you and follow up on your request(s) until the final answer.

General Conditions for performance of services

Article 1: Object of the Contract

The purpose of this contract is to define the conditions under which the Service Provider undertakes to provide the service defined in the preamble on behalf of its client. Each assignment begins with a detailed analysis of the client’s request to the provider.

This analysis defines the process that will be put in place to ensure the best possible end

the proposed transaction. It also makes it possible to define the tariff conditions that will be applied according to the files.

Article 2: The Service

Each file entrusted must contain at least the following documents:

  • The contract or its project, unless it is up to the Service Provider to define a model
  • Identity documents, billing information
  • Invoices, bank statements or any documents necessary to follow the file
  • And more generally any information that the customer wishes to entrust to the Provider to help him in his daily management. Upon receipt of the documents or request, they will be treated. The client must indicate the urgency of each request so that the Service Provider organizes its schedule accordingly. Documents may be written in French, English or Sri Lankan.

The Provider acknowledges working in these languages ​​that he masters.

Article 3: The Price and Price Revision

3.1 Price: The prices quoted in the quotation will be valid for a period of 30 days; Beyond this date, any quotation will have to be revalidated.

3.2 Payment: The fees will be billed upon receipt of the file and must be paid immediately, or in part. These fees are based on client requests unless a quota of hours is established. The Service Provider will inform the client in advance of the possible overrun of the fixed hours quota so that the latter can decide whether to increase this number. Monthly invoices will be payable upon receipt. In the event of delay, interest will be charged at the rate of 6 times the ECB policy rate in force on the due date of the debt.

Article 4: Confidentiality

The Service Provider undertakes to treat as strictly confidential and therefore refrains from communicating to anyone, all or part of the information of any nature, commercial, industrial, technical, financial, personal, data, which will have been communicated to them by the client. This obligation will continue throughout the performance of this contract and for an additional period of two years from its end for any reason whatsoever.

The confidentiality obligation referred to above does not apply:

  • In the event that the service provider needs to prove to the tax or administrative authorities the entries made in execution of these presents.
  • To the communication of this contract and its appendices, to the lawyers, the Accountants and the Statutory Auditors of the parties, who are subject to professional secrecy with regard to their client.
  • If the communication of this contract and its appendices is directly dictated by the application is made necessary to assert rights in justice.
  • Information in the public domain, – information disclosed by a third party entitled to do so. This contract will not prevent the provider from entering into similar agreements with other third parties with similar or different activities.

[Article 226-13 of the Penal Code]

“The disclosure of information of a secret nature by a person who is a custodian of it either by state or by profession, or by reason of a function or a temporary mission, is punishable by one year’s imprisonment and 15 000 euros fine. “(Article 226-13 of the Criminal Code)”

Article 5: Liability and Insurance

5.1 Responsibility: The Service Provider is responsible for the proper management of the entrusted files. However, its obligation is an obligation of means and not of result. The Service Provider is not liable for indirect damages, including refusals, even if the Provider is aware of the possibility of the occurrence of such damages, even if the fault arises from the fault of the Provider or a fault in the performance of the service under this contract.

5.2 Insurance: The service provider certifies that he has subscribed and undertakes to maintain in force for the duration of his obligations, under this contract, a professional civil insurance with a reputable insurance company established in France, guaranteeing the consequences of its civil, professional and / or contractual liability for any damage or prejudice that may be caused to the customer and to any third party in the context of the execution of this contract. At any time, the provider will have to justify the maintenance of the guarantees and the payment of the premiums of his insurance contract.

Article 6: Duration of the Contract

This contract takes effect upon signature. In the event that its execution has begun before ratification by both parties, it is understood that the execution would be covered a posteriori by the signature of this contract. In the event that the contract starts during the calendar year, it ends with the execution and the end of the service requested by the Customer.

Article 7: Termination of Contract

In case of refusal of payment, non-payment or in case of non-compliance with one of the clauses of this contract, the service provider will send a letter of formal notice by registered post. Without execution by the debtor within the period of 10 days, the provider may then automatically terminate this contract and require payment of any amount due under the contract, the payment of penalties as defined below, without prejudice to all damages and interests. Penalties for which the customer would be liable for non-performance will be equal to 20% of the total value of the contract.

Article 8: No poaching

The Client and the Service Provider undertake not to recruit, hire or attempt to hire, directly or indirectly, the personnel of the other party. This commitment takes effect from the beginning of the service and runs for a period of six months upon expiry of this contract.


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